Nasty Chairs

Chairs are a place for you to sit and relaxing your back and also your feet, in this world there are various kind of chairs exist.. but this one is the most unique and nastiest chairs that are exist in the world.. wow the world must be crazy... who designed this kind of chairs??? the chairs are designed for woman and man.. hehehe here take a look

Penis Chairs
Penis Chair
Vagina Chairs
How's your opinion about that chair?? a penis chair and a vagina chair?? hehehe must be suitable for a woman and man.. a woman might choose a penis chair rather than a vagina chair heheheh....

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babelicious said...

the second chair is not a Vagina chair,mind you.
that is a chair shaped like a Man's lower body,
hence the hole for captain winky and the ding-dongs if you know what i mean.

JoVie said...

oh itu tho..kok bisa2nya yah sang designer mikir sampe segitu...hiyyy...jorock akh...hiyy...

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