Cool PC Case

Modifying your PC case is a great way to express your computer's hobby, and this is some of the extremely awesome case modeling, they designed their PC case into this cool stuff.. you wanna see those unique and cool PC case??

"Virgil" by Valery Zhuk

"Age Reincarnation", by Alexander Kolesnikov

"Mirtus Communicus" by Artem Novikov

"R2D14m" by Pavel Rafalovich

"Recycle Your Computer" by Alexey Chistov

"Me Lady" by Artem Zheleznyak

"Wheel Case" by Alexander Kolesnikov

mod by Alexander Brikov

"Charged!" by Alexey Chistov

mod by Vogdan Suk


Fusion Mods

Tumbler Batmobile PC

Everybody has seen "The Microwave PC":

"The Skeleton Case Mod":

best case is no case:

Stained Glass computer case:

Other's Model

This article originally from http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2007/06/cool-computer-case-mods.html

How's that?? cool huh?? which one do you like the most?

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