Duck's Blood Jelly

Here is another disgusting food, after several day's ago i post about a blended cockroach juice which are really disgusting food.. and now i have a Duck's Blood Jelly.. maybe it's not as disgusting as the first but still you can lose your eating appetite after see this Jelly.. a red blooded jelly.. uurgh.. i can't stand it.. and i feel like my stomach are spinning.. anyone here are a jelly lover?? do you want to taste a new taste of jelly?? a duck's blood jelly.. which made from a duck's blood..

Urgh.. do you have a brave to taste that kind of food..

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Anonymous said...

I ate duck blood tofu with pork intestines and it is quite delicious..you should not judge by prejudices,but by analysing the nutritional facts. In Africa they drink cow blood to survive.Stop being pussies,start drinking blood from pussies. Cheers! Honeyball Lecta

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