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Sometimes a town may be older than it's countries history, and that's the phenomenon of the town, it begins from one single people meeting with each other, do an activity whether it's business, interaction, make a family until it's make a community and in the end, the town will exist. This below fact are about the uniqueness of every town... let's begin

1.The town with Biggest Population

Tokyo town estimated have a 33 million population, and then new york and san paulo are nominated on the second and third with each population on 17million people

2.The Town with Largest Area

Mount isa a town located on northwest from queens land, Australia may be the town with largest area, the area is about 41.000 Km2 with a the road lengths about 189km.. and this is the longest town road in the world

3.The Smallest Town in the World

In terms of size and the population, hum city which are located on Croatia are the smallest town in the world.. it only have 23 people.. this old town established on 1102 before it named hum, it named cholm, the uniqueness of this town is, it have a medieval ages building architecture..

4.The Oldest and Youngest Town in the world

believe it or not, the oldest and youngest town in the world are located in the same area, the fact is the oldest town in the world are Jericho Town (which in arabic it called Ariha) that estimated are more than 10.000 years old, and the youngest town are on tel Aviv town which is only 80 years old.. and that town are located in the mid east that still be turbulent.

5.Town with the highest land in the world

This record are hold by protosi town in bolivia that have 4100meter (13.500feet) above the sea, and UNESCO decide that this town as the world's precious inheritance that we have to protect.. for your info, the oldest town which is held by jericho town are listed for the lowest land town in the world, that town are laying about 260meter (853feet) beneath the sea

6.The Tallest Town in the World

Hongkong are the tallest town in the world with more than 7500 skycrapper building, more than skycrapper building that new york city has.

7.The First Town which have 1milion Population

Did you know, that rome was the first town which have 1 million population.. it happens on 133 B.C. London population reach 1 million on 1810 and new york city reach that on 1875. and now that are more than 300milion city in the world that have more than 1milion population.

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