Horrifying Skeleton Church

Sedlec Ossuary, that's the name of the small roman catholic chapel in sedlec, Kutna Hora suburban in chechlovakia, This ossuary is consist of about 40.000 - 70.000 human skull that sets to build a chapel decoration, those skull are a skull from the soldier and the civil corpse who become the victim of the holywar on 14th century, this church also shown on ripley's believe it or not programe. so do you wanna know this horrifying skeleton church?? Allright let's take a horryfing tour here..

This is the route to get the church, remember the path OK

and here is in front of the church..

OK are you ready to go inside?? Ok Right.. Let's Go..

Hii... so horrifying huh?? but i wonder are that church have a function for do a religious activity?? or just treat as a museum or just a monumental building?? can anyone give the further information about that church??

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