Human Flying Jet Vehicle

Are you feel bored to the common and usual transportation vehicle?? such as plane?? car?? or maybe motorcycle?? have you ever dreamed about a human flying vehicle?? yeah i could say you're not dreaming about this one... look at this Human Jet Vehicle.. you can fly fast and high with this.. forget about the old transportation method and change to the futuristic way of vehicle.. Here it is.. Let's try the Human Flying Jet Vehicle

See??? is it cool huh?? do you wanna try it??

Source of picture are from Bored Bored

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BloGendeng said...

oh iya nih aku punya gambarnya. keren banget hehehe nice post bro

Kios Info said...

berarti udah nggak perlu baling-baling bambu ya?

- s L i K e R s - said...

Wew, serius nih bro? Wah kapan ya kita bisa terbang seperti itu, pasti enak bener.... :D

- s L i K e R s -

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