Miraculous Twins

Twins, what's in your head by hearing that word?? you will think that twins are have a similar body, face, hair, voice, and many things.. have you seen this kind of twins?? this could happen by god miracles, see this twins, they're conjoined twins.. they don't have a lower body parts.. how could this happen?? See this Miraculous Twins..

Wow.. the world's is full with miracle.. and unique thing. what do you think??

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Reevo Saulus said...

no its unbelievable ..

Dexter said...

cool photoshop trick. Show us a video of these twins & we'll be convinced!

Anonymous said...

the reason why this is phony is because their is no way opening for waste to come out of them, therefore they would not be able to eat and if they can't eat, they should still be alive, unless the crap out their mouth.

Anonymous said...

This isnt true...these people they wouldn't leave even a day cause the's no opening for waist, anyway thank for entertaining us.

RialVestro said...

This isn't fake because there's no opening for waist because there is. Unfortunately it would have to come out the other's mouth. However it is still fake for a different reason. There's no way their body can be connected that way unless they were both facing the same direction for their spines to be connected otherwise they would tear apart in the mid section.

Anonymous said...

This is fake. you can see the butt in one of the photos, but you can't see it in others. Nice try!

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