Stop Violence in Marriage

Too bad if until now in several countries we still hear about this case, a violence in a marriage, this violence usually happen to the woman, and they become the victim of those violence, as a nice guy we surely have to treat woman nicely, and sweetly if you treat your lover moreover to treat your wife, now in this crazy world, i'd like to share some great creative advertising that are assuming a violence in marriage, so everybody who read and see this picture, let's us stop the violence in marriage, from this moment on let us learn how to appreciate our partner or lover.. Stop the violence against woman!!

Have seen that?? So now don't do that again.. don't use a force to your lover.. Stop Violence against Woman

And this picture are about the violence of a woman to her husband, so if you're a girl don't do that.. Stop violence in your marriage.. try to appreciate other's

Peace and Love from Crazy World

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