Top 5 Best Passenger Car

What is the best passenger car?? this research are done in terms of the best family car, and this is the rank of the best passenger car in the world based on the Consumer Report

1.Audi A6

this german car are on the first place for the best passenger car in the world. this car have a good performance, a quiet cabin, and a first quality leather seat, when this car was tested, this car are easy to drive on many area, and have a stable handling, it's relatively good on the fuel efficiency, eventhough this car adopted a sedan model,this car have a large room for it baggage, and have a comfortable cabin

2. BMW 5 Series

This Series of BMW are the best choice for a long trip. during the test, this car are easy to handle and comfort to drive, it have a good interior and can muffle the engine sound so it sounds like it's very silent. this car use 6 cylinder engine, and this car are really powerfull, although this car have a efficient fuel comsumption.

3. Cadilllac STS

The Caddy are a combination among comfort and agility, like audi and BMW, STS are also easy to handle and comfort to drive. have a great seat. this car use 6 cylinder engine and this car are really powerfull for race against another car.

4. Honda Accord

The fourth ranking car for the best passenger car, this model are really comfortable and easy to handle in all area, and the other superiority are this car equipped with two engine room that you can choose, 4 or 6 cylinder and have a great safety level.

5. Honda Odyssey EX

This car are really suitable for family car, Oddysey are the best choice, this car have three row seat for 8 passenger, unfortunately the back row seat are too near with the roof of the car for the supplying of the back baggage consequence

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