Weird and Mysterious Animal

Now in the world we have seen many weird animal and mysterious animal that can make us feel so scary, this phenomena drive a interest from a scientist to do a research about this animal, we haven't see this animal directly, so it needs more research, are they really exist??


Ahool are a creature which are like a bat but with a huge body, his wings length are more than 7 feet, this animal are once seen in java


Agogwe are a creature like human but they have a small size which is like a gnome, once found at east africa

3.Andean Wolf

This wolf, are usually seen on north america and arctic

4.Fox cat

This fox cat are like a new carnivore that founded in kalimantan island (indonesia) they're bigger than normal cat and have a red fur, long tail, and they have long front foot.. this creature have a resemble from cat and fox

5.Tasmania Tiger

This tiger are lived on a past, but now they've extinct but this creature are seen rarely on papua new guinea


a rare Snake Species that have a fat stomach that are like a bottle with a small tail, once seen in hokkaido japan.


Bigfoot lookalike, live in Himalaya area

a 15 feet reptile that are black colored, found in himalaya, and now they've extinct

9.Jersey Devil

A creature which are like a horse but have a wings like a bat and have a hand. this creature are standing with two foot. founded in new jersey USA.

10.Mokele Mbembe

It Believe as a dinosaur which live in Congo

11.Mongolia Death Worm

a Huge worm like a snake that are found on gobi desert that can kill it's enemy with his poisonous breath


Half human and half bat creature that doesn't have a neck, they have a wings and red eye.. first seen on 1966 and identified as UFH (Undidentified flying humanoid)


Sea Monster which are like a nessie from loch ness lake, the difference is this creature is found on Okanagan lake canada

How's that?? so mysterious huh??

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Anonymous said...

I'm presuming the author of this article is only a child due to the spelling, so ill be nice but please in future before wasting bandwidth do some research, get your facts straight, then post! the Tasmanian Tiger (thylacine)was native to Tasmania only. it was never anywhere else on earth least of all papua new guinea. the last living tiger died in captivity on 7 September 1936,despite various reports of campers and hikers sighting the animal since its extiction no proof that it still exists has ever been produced. theres plenty more misinformation on this site but that will do me for one night.

Anonymous said...

number 9 the jersey devil thts not the jersey devil..i saw tht on animal planet it was a fox tht had some virus tht ate its skin n made its hair fall off

Anonymous said...

der duh dah der der attacking comment on the author of article to be a dick!!!

Anonymous said...

#3 is not an "Andean wolf." It's a Chinese Crested, a fairly common dog breed. http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chinese_Crested_Dog_600.jpg

#4 is not a "fox cat," it's a Sphynx a breed of hairless cat that originated in Toronto, Ontario. http://www.catfacts.org/sphynx-cat-facts.htm

#11 is not a "Mongolian Death Worm" which is a myth. It's a very real, not very dangerous Giant Australian Beach Worm. http://www.news.com.au/technology/valentines-day-clickers-could-get-worms/story-e6frfro0-1111115540007

Emo-RoXas said...

Wow... I hope that you are either a child or mentally retarded.
I mean seriously? Who hasn't heard of a Sphynx cat before? That is actually a really popular breed of cat.

If you're going to try and get people to believe your myths, at least get pictures that are at least semi-realistic.

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