World's Most Brutal Woman

A woman, actually a woman is the figure that we think is weak, sweet, lovely and feminine. but in this case we talk about world's most brutal woman, a cold blooded woman.. and a cruel woman.. they kill innocent people.. so who was the world's most brutal woman that you know?? Ok let's begin..

10.Williamina “Minnie” Dean 1844 - 1895

She was the one and only woman who was executed on the new zealand history.. she was die by the garrotte, she saved a young poor lady for a guise, but this evil woman then kill those child and took all their money to increase her wealth, at that time the society will expelled a woman who are pregnant without a husband, this thing then make a big phenomena that calls "baby farming" where people offering themself to took over their children with govenrment wages. dean is one of those.. but she doesn't care about these children, but she killed them and took over the wages from the government.. it is said that actually dean killed more than 3 child..

9.Dorothea Puente 1929

Victim : 9 People

Dorothu Puente are the old woman who runs a rent house businness. she kill the people who rent at his house one by one and fudge their signature for the security inspection. she doesn't allow those tenant to use rge phone or send a letter, she took all the money that sent to those tenant. all the victim mostly are drunk and suffering a schizophrenia, one of the corpse found on backyard without head, hand and foot.. so brutal huh?? she use the money that she took for buying a luxurious cloth, perfume and for a skin surgery before she get caught. these woman doesn't feel guilty for her crime, and this time she's on the jail for a life sentence.

8. Karla Homolka 1970

Victim : 3 (expected there are 5 more victim)

She is a Serial Killer from Canada that took the attention from media all over the world when she's punished because she helped her husband Paul Bernardo to rape and kill a young girls, including her own sister Tammy Homolka.. Karla record the brutality and the killing of the young girls that her husband do. those recording used to fight her on the court, and some part can be found on the internet, but the Canada Government order it to delete those video. and now homolka are free from the jail before her 12 years sentence.. and now she live in west indies.

7. Elena Ceausescu 1916 - 1989

Victim : nation annihilation

Elena Ceausescu are the romanian people who are declared herself as a scientist. she is wife of Romanian communist leader and also the vice prime minister Nicolae Ceausescu. Romania declared that Elena Ceausescu responsible for the liberation of birth control that cause the crisis condition along 1970-1980. and cause the Mass increase of the unwanted baby. these baby then live at the orphan house.. she's also lead the environment healthy commision. where she's abjured of AIDS issue in Romania that make the biggest cases on the west.. she's also responsible for the destruction of a church and a food distrubution that on 1980 are located on romania. and finally she's executed for her crimes that against humanity.. and when she's executed she yell out like this "Go To Hell"

6. Elizabeth I of England 1533 - 1603

Victim : Thousand

Elizabeth I order to kill thousand catholic people in england and ireland, she was the cruel queen.. and for info she give Queen Mary of Scots a protection place and suddenly betray her and send her to jail for about 19years and then kill her.. she support the slave exchange.

5. Marybeth Tinning 1942

Victim : 9

Between 1972 and 1985 she have 8 children, and she kill them all, and also her adopted child, there's no one suspect her that she's killed all the children.. she's punished fot 20 years in jail.

4. Rosemary West 1953

Victim : More than 12

With her husband Fred, rosemary west have killed 12 young womanm on august 1992 fred west arrested for the case raping her 13 years daughter 3 times. and rosemary west arrested for awfulness to child. west usually took a girls from a bus stop on Gloucester England, and jailed them on her house for several day before kill them. West have a big sexual lust and she's enjoying on an extreeme slaveness sadomasocithistic sexual activites. and Rosemary are a bisexual girl and mostly their victim are for Rosemary and west sexual orrientation. West also work as a prostitute, two of her child are born from her client. west are one from two woman who was get a death sentence in jail in UK(The Other was Myra Handley who was already death now)

3. Phoolan Devi 1963 - 2001

Victim : More than 22

Phoolan Devi are an India Dacoit(gunmen) who has a short political career.. pm 1970 she's kidnapped by dacoit gank and afterall she joined them to do a crime, one day she was raped by a group of man in behmai, and she choosed to run and continue her life to do a crime such as robbing from a rich people. and then she came home to behmai and order all the man to line up and then shoot them all, more than 22 man die.. and then she's arrested and spent 11 years in jail. She's Entered political world but only for a short period, because of the rebelion. and surprisingly on 1998 she's nominated for getting a nobel award from several English Parliament member.. and on 2001 she's killed by a man in the revenge on her homicide on behmai.

2. Delphine LaLaurie 1775 - 1842

Victim : More than 10

LaLaurie are a cruel socialite member that lived on New Orleand. her house are full of horror, on april 10 1834 a fire happen on her kitchen, and the fireman found 2 slaves that are chained on the stove. they're make the fire to get the attention. the fireman are guided with the other slaves to the rooftop where it was found more shocking thing. more than a dozen slaves that was handicapped and chained on the wall and floor, several of them are the subject for the scary drugs experiment, a man look like as a weird transexual, a woman stuck on the small cage with a broken hand and looks like a crab, and the other woman without hand and foot, and it seems like a meat add onto her body which make her looks like a worm, several of her mouth are sutured, and suffer hungry death. most are found death.. but several people still alive but they ask to be killed to end their suffering. LaLaurie flee before she arrested and never be caught.. maybe she's the most cruel woman that occur in the world..

1. Jiang Qing 1914 - 1991

Victim : more than 500.000

She's the young wife of Mao Tse Tung, the China Communist Dictator. because of her good skill to arrange a movement.. she get the most authority position on the Communist party(like a president authority), it was belived that she's the auctor behind the Chinesse culture revolution (Where she's as the vice leader), during the Culture Revolution, many economic activities stopped and an ancient building, artifact, antiques, books, paintings that can't be count anymore are shattered by red guards. during 10 years culture revolution, it also give an effect on education system, many smart people are sent on the opposition camp, million of people on china reported suffer a human right torturing during the Culture Revolution. million of people are get sack, a approximation of a death victim, civil society, Red Guards, whether it from the east and west people are 500.000 people!!. but those approximation are increased into 3 million from 16 million molested people

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