Amazing Two Headed Twins

There's nothing imposible to god..if he want to create something..remember my previous post about Miraculuous Twins and now worldmustbecrazy brought you another twins like this two headed twins. they have two head, 3 lungs, 2 heart.. but only have one body.. their body are conjoined together.. that's no word we can say beside "this is miracle by god" do you wanna see how's their live?? this is amazing two headed twins..

Now after you see those two headed twins.. what can you say?? do you still not believe the miracle of god?? wanna see another miracle of god?? like in this post where you can see a floating stone..

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Anonymous said...

Calling God a "he" is belittling God. God is beyond he or she... Evolution and creation are beyond your meager definitions. Everything is a miracle, and you have seen nothing yet. You have no idea what is out there in the multiverse. You think a floating stone is amazing, your a moron. How about a giant Blue star the size of our entire solar system, that blows up and the result is thousands of star systems like ours some with living creatures that gain self realization. Now thats a miricle of note. You cant see the forest for the trees, you think small. You should think bigger. "WAY BIGGER". Even my view is small and insignificant to the the mind of God. You wanna witness a miricle, witness the big bang happening unending all the time from the mind of God. Creation and evolution never stop from the mind of God. To think anything less is blasphemy! Small minds think small! Dont woory you have infinity to get wise!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? So basically, according to this person, if there is a 20% chance of rain tomorrow, and it so happens that it does rain, this must mean that God has performed a miracle? The previous poster brought up a good point about the entire universe and even the possibility of multiple universes (not quite proven to be true yet, though), although it doesn't quite fit in with the religions in existence across the globe. Given the fact our entire galaxy is literally invisible in comparison with just the observable universe would mean that the universe does NOT revolve around humanity, where a perfect being would most likely not even care about such insignificant creatures' interaction with one another. We're no less animal than the animals around us, which our religions seem to completely leave out of the equation, as well. I'm not religious, but I'm open to the possibility that there may be a creator, but that's it. There's no reason to believe this creator is watching our every move and actually cared if conjoined human twins lived or not.

Making an analogy, If you were to create a sculpture, would you really care so deeply about the microorganisms dwelling within the sculpture (knowing they cannot possibly affect the sculpture in any significant manner), and their interaction with one another?

Anonymous said...

geese, religious much?
OK so let me get this straight,if god created humans in his form then he must have 2 genitalia,but that doesn't make sense because then everyone would have to have both
obvious error

shanayshia jhohnson said...

omg thats so amazing how they are still going strong but its a good things its like that cause you two will always be together

Anonymous said...

i think they both look pretty cute, id date them :) nk

Anonymous said...

I have so much to ask.

1)If one die do they both?

2)Do they always sleep at the same time, and if one of them is a sleep can the other move?

3)Who controll what?

4)if they have two stomachs but just one anus do they each have two eat half the food, or can one of then eat all the food so then other don't have to?

5)Can they both feel the pain on (all) there body-parts or when too pee, or when the get an orgasem?

6)Who controls the legs?

7)if one is sick does the other get sick too?

8)Can one of them be jealous at the other for any reason?

9)how did there mom give birth to them when babys comes out whit the head first?

10)Can they figth them self?

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