Celeb's Caught while Picking their Nose

Celebrities always be a good things to discuss, the news from celebrities are usually have a high rank in the internet.. also for an infotainment program on TV. usually a celebrity want look perfect in front of a camera, but sometimes a paparazzi caught up a funny moment of them.. such as when celeb caught without make up. and like this one.. celeb's caught on a camera when they're picking their nose.. yaaah even they're a celebrities but they're also same with us. a human.. OK let's see several picture of celeb's caught while picking their nose..

Hehehe.. have you seen that?? pamela anderson are the poor one.. she get twice when she picking her nose.. heheheh.. You know sometimes a woman who like to picking her nose are have a big sexual appeal.. because for woman.. entered a finger in a nose is like have their V entered by a... Guess it....

Now what?? wanna see more of celebrities funny image here?? OK look the celeb caught without make up

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Anonymous said...

notice how their all white.lol

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