Greek's God and Goddesses Myth

Have anyone here knows about Greek's myth?? you know that greek's have so many legendary god and godesses in such as zeus, hera and the other.. and now worldmustbecrazy in this opportunity will take you to a story of the Greek's God and Goddesses Myth to find out the profile of those god and goddesses.. Get ready for that?? Let's start it


In Greek's myth, Titan are 12 world's ruler before Olympian, their leader was Cronus that will be defeated by Zeus. the 12 Titan are son from Uranus (God of Heaven) and Gaia(Goddess of Earth). In the future Titan will involved in a big war with Olympian which was known as Titanomachy war. Majority of the Titan will involved in this war, and on this war Titan suffer the losing and at the war time Cronus was expelled to Tartarus

12 Olimpus God are also known with Dodekatheon (Greek:dodeka = 12,theon = God) in greek myth they're main god and goddesses greek who live at the top of Olimpus mountain, there are 17 God and Goddesses which are recognized as the 12 Olimpus God

Olimpus God and Goddesses


Zeus are the Ancient Greek's God the leader of all god, ruler of olimpus, the god of weather and climate. this god was also known in ancient roman and ancient indian. in latin language it's called Iopiter and in Sanskrit language it's called Dyaus-pita

In the myth, Zeus are the leader's god in the olimpus. he marry his own sister Hera who becomes a Marriage Goddesses, Zeus divide this world into 3 parts and give it to his brother, Poseidon who become the God of the Sea and hades who become the god of the death world.


Hera was known as sister and wife of Zeus, she's the goddess of marriage, she's described as the majestc goddess.. she's also have a high cylinder crown which was only used by the famous goddess


In Greek's Myth, Poseidon was known as the god who ruled the sea


Ares was known as the god of war in the greek's myth, in roman myth he known as the name Mars god, he also have 2 guardian which the name was Phobos and Deimos, Mars name are becoming the name of the planet near the earth which have 2 satelite which named like the name of the guardian: Phobos and Deimos. another info.. the month's name March are a tribute for him


Hermes are one of the greek's god in the myth, he was known as the fortune god, and a protector god for the merchant, in roman myth he also called as Mercurius.
His physical characteristic are : Small body with a winged hat and winged sandals, and he also fast runner and fast talker..


Hesfestus also known as Vulkan in roman myth. he was the first son of Zeus and Hera. He was a Fire God, a carpenter and also a blacksmith. Hesfestus are respected in all industry center and greek's manufacture especially in Athena. even though his smithy are located on Lemnos island.


Aphrodite are a Love and beauty goddesses in greek's myth. she's born from the bubble at the sea which are originated from zeus's sperm, Aphrodite married to Hefestus and has a son. Eros who becoming a Romantic God.


Athena are a Greek's Goddesses which symbolize wisdom, strategy and war. romanian people recognized her as the name minerva. which was along with a small owl and Aegis armor which was given to her by her father.
Athena also known as the Goddess who taught all of the hero, athena are a armed war goddesses. Parthenon temple in Athena, Greece are her most well known temple, she doesn't have husband or lover. Athena are ares little sister who was known as her wisdom and her kindness.. She's also killed medusa and place his head on to the shield which are named as Aegis shield.. according to the myth those shield are extremely powerful


Apollo was known as God of the sun, Archer, and also a farmer, his lover was Hyakinthos.. a handsome young prince from sparta kingdom. son from King Amyclas, Sparta people likes war and the living of sparta people are colored by military nuance. and the teenagers of sparta are educated to become a Homosexual


Artemis are daughter of zeus and leto.. artemis has a twin brother that was Apollo. at that time leto have to give birth in the island which was never been feel the sun because of hera curse's when hera angry to zeus. after that with zeus kindness he lift up Ortygia an island from the bottom of the sea which was never been touched by the sun shine. Leto gave birth there.. Artemis born on the sixth months and then Artemis help his mother when gave birth to Apollo.. which was born on the seventh month. maybe because of those event so Artemis Called as the Birth Goddesses


In Greek's Myth, Demeter are known as the Prosperity goddesses. they say demeter are the daughter from Kronos and Rhea whose ever eat alive by kronos because his father's paranoid when she's still a baby. The uniqueness of Demeter was her loves to taught people to crop so people leave hunting as their way of life and gather food, There's combination of rice plant grains on her hair which described her identity as the Prosperity goddesses. Demeter has a son (Persefone) which was becoming wife of hades, they say Persefone stories are the germinal of the 4 season existancy.
In roman culture, Demeter also known as "ceres"


In myth, Hestia are House Protector, family and ignition goddesses


In Greek's Myth, Dionisius are a grape's god which also make a disturbance, a violence and sneaky..

14.Sol Helios

Sol Helios are god of sun, son from titan hyperion with titanic theia, Luna's brother a moon's goddesses from aurora.
Everyday he across the sky by his fire dogcar from east to the west and give a light and warmness to the earth. when the dusk are coming he will down to earth and go to Ocean River in the west end where he waited for a golden boat which will take him back to his golden castle in the east.
Sol have a son from Clymene Fairy which named phaeton.


Hebe in greek's mytg are young goddesses who has an eternal beauty that in the future she'll married with Hercules son of Zeus


Hades are a Death god and also a Hell's God in Greek's Myth, hades was also known with the name Pluto in roman myth. Hades Character is often desribed with a triple headed dog which named cerberus in the underground's world (Hell).
In Christianity hades word are used to translate the word Sheol, which mean as the Underground's World or the deceased world's in Ibrani language.

17.Luna Selena

Luna, a pale Moon's Goddesses, everynight across the sky from her golden castle in the east with her train which was pulled by two crescent horn ox.
She give her smooth silver light to bright the earth in the night. in her journey she always accompanied by a star that was lead by Vesper. When the sun will set she will go back to the ocean river in the west and then go back to her castle in the east by using a boat along with them

heehehehe do you see the weird point there?? at Apollo.. wow he's a homosexual.. and the birth of aphrodite.. but that's all a myth

OK that's all the story about them.. hope you enjoy and like my post.. thanks for reading..

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