Making of Adidas Ball

Worldmustbecrazy back again to you and share something new.. and now this time i'm gonna take you to the adidas factory which made the ball that used for a soccer game.. we already know that soccer are the world's most favourite sport.. every people love that sport, but have you figure out how the ball was made?? and how's the production process of those ball until it distribute to the sports center?? wanna know?? OK i'll show you how they make adidas ball.. Enjoy

Have you seen that?? i hope this post will add your knowledge about how the ball was made..

Oh yeah are you a soccer lover?? if you're soccer lover and you're a man.. so don't forget to see this man's favourite sport, that's a girl's soccer i hope you like that also

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Anonymous said...

Sebuah teknologi pembuatan Bola ya..??
mantap infonya... jadi tahu dah..

- s L i K e R s - said...

Waduh gak dapet pertamax nih.. Gpp deh keduaxx juga.. :D

Nanti kalau saya mau bisnis jual bola sepak, saya mampir kesini baca artikel ini lagi.. hehe..

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