Most Unfortunate Car Names

A names are a gift and a prayer and also i can say that names are hopes.. not only for a human, but also on a product names, names also takes part on the successfulness's of a product. believe it?? OK here's the proof.. these 10 unfortunate car names drop the sale.. so beware if you wanna give a name whether it's for your children or your product.. here's the most unfortunate car names

1. Mazda LaPuta (In Spain that means : “the whore”)

This car names are taken from the gulliver's travel book from jonathan swift, but let's ask about the articulation of the word to the native spain. and ask them why the name are "Prostitute"

2. Mitsubishi Pajero (In Spain means “wanker”)

The last spain version for Mitsubishi pajero names are "Montero" but in the spain language articulation it means as "Wanker"

3. Nissan Moco (In Spain means: “booger”)

This car distributed only for japanesse market, the word moco if we say in spain articulated are means "Booger"

4. Buick LaCrosse (In French Means : “masturbating teenagers”)

Why they didn't check if before "LaCrosse" first launching in canada, if there a french man in quebec so that he will know what "LaCrosse" Means.. It's "Masturbating Teenagers" in french.

5. Chevrolet Nova (In Spain Means: “it Doesn’t Go”)

General Motors are one of the biggest car distributor for American market, that means there's many people know spain language. because the word "No Va" means "It Doesn't Go" in Spain language

6. Opel Ascona (In Spain and Portugal Means “female genitalia”)

Why "Opel Ascone" means as "Little Flower" or "Cute Worm".. but actually it means "Female Genitalia" in the Southwest Spain and portugal

7. Honda Fitta (In Swedia and Norwegian Means : “cunt”)

8. Daihatsu Charade

This is not a car.. this is a shame for those who thinks that charade is a car.. the articulation of a name are so bad "I Drive a Charade" so it means "Good Bye Prom Date"

9. Dodge Swinger

You can find the word swinger in many porn magazines or a porn website.. but this car released on 70's era.. so why don't they give STD as a name??

10. AMC Gremlin

If you want to have your own car name's.. those will be interesting but it's OK..

See?? do you believe it now about the names?? so becareful to give a name to anything.. because name are hope.. like this one you can see the unusual name of celeb's kids.

And also don't miss the other vehicle news and fact in the worldmustbecrazy. Thanks

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