Most Unique Stone in the World

Once again in the worldmustbecrazy we'll talk about a unique and weird things and also a phenomena.. now in this opportunity. we have the list of the most unique stone in the world and the short story about that stone.. do you wanna know why the stone are categorized as the most unique stone in the world?? stay tune at worldmustbecrazy heheh.. OK here it is.. check it out

Wave Rock
Hyden, Australia

This stone wave are like the ocean wave.. and many researcher said that this stone are exist for 2.700 million years ago!! wow so long ago... might be the oldest stone in the world.. Here is the stone

Moving Rock

There's no research about this stone.. and there's no one who see this stone are really moving, but only the trail that can be the evident that this stone can moving.

Dome of The Rock
Masjidil Aqsha, Yerusalem

This is the proof of the god's.. this stone are prophet muhammad place to sit when Isra Mi'raj, until this time those stone are still floating in the sky.. the story are like this.. when Prophet Muhammad S.A.W wanna go to isra mi'raj, that stone are going with him.. but the prophet stamp on the stone in the meaning for the stone don't go with him

Malin Kundang Rock
Pantai Air Manih, Minnagkabau - Padang - Indonesia

Originally this stone are a son that was cursed by his mother because of her son's insubordinate.. these are based on an indonesian folklore..

Ayers Rock
Uluru Alice Spring, Australia

This stone can change it's color based on the weather.. it can change into an orange, black, blue and the other color.. depend on the weather..

Wow... unique huh?? you know all of that shows us that all the living things in the world and all the things in the world are belong to our god.. god can make everything.. there's nothing imposibble for god..

Now what?? wanna see more unique things??
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apen said...


ATTENTION: The rock visible in the above picture and referred to as the “Rock of Muallak” by many web sites is nothing but a Photoshop generated fake. The above picture has no relation with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or Meraj, his Night Ascension.

About Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk):

Hacer-i Muallak is a holy area comprising structures built with religious purposes such as Haram Al Sharif, Al Aqsa Mosque, Dome of the Rock (Kubbet-us Sahra), well of souls, tomb and fountain which are dispersed within an area of 150 square meters. Nowadays, the structure believed to be Al Aqsa Mosque by many people is actually Dome of the Rock which is located quite close to real Al Aqsa Mosque.

Al Aqsa Mosque.

The word “Aqsa” has meanings of “farthest or most distant”. Al Aqsa Mosque was named so because of its distance to Mecca, meaning “the farthest mosque”. This mosque which is adjacent to the remnant West Wall of Solomon’s Temple and of square shape was built in 638 A.C., during the era of Caliphate Umar ibn al-Khattab and after the conquest of Jerusalem. Al Aqsa Mosque was later enlarged during the era of Abdülmelik bin Mervan, a caliphate of Umayyad Dynasty.

Dome of the Rock (Kubbet-us Sahra)

Today, the golden domed actagonal structure which is believed to be Al Aqsa Mosque is in reality Kubbet-us Sahra. Crusaders who had once conquered this mosque had converted it to a church. However, Saladin ibn Ayyūb recaptured the city later and opened Al Aqsa to visit as a mosque. Al Aqsa gained its current appearance after many restorations and repairs ordered by Ottoman Sultans.

Additionally, in Jerusalem there is a mosque named after Caliphate Umar and Kubbet-us Sahra is generally confused with this mosque. However, this mosque is outside of Haram Al Sharif, 500 meters further west.


Hacer-i Muallâk (Rock of Muallâk)

In Kubbet-us Sahra there is the Rock of Muallak which means "the suspending rock"
As believed, this is the rock from which Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ascended to Meraj. In widest the rock is 18 meters and 13, 5 meter is in the narrowest. On the rock, there are descending stairs which lead to an empty cavity of 1, 5 meters height and 4, 5 meters of width and length.

When the dome observed from inside the rock it gives the impression as though the rock was hanging in the air and that is why it is given the name Hacer-i Muallak.






Importance of Al Aqsa Mosque for Muslims:

As it is known, Al Aqsa Mosque is Muslims’ first kiblah and the third of harem mosques. In the Koran, Allah the Almighty speaks of Al Aqsa mosque with its name and tells that its surrounding is blessed.

This issue is described in the first verse of Isra Surah of Quran as follows:

(Y. Ali) 17:1 Glory to ((Allah)) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things).

Importance of Kubbet-us Sahra for Muslims:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has ascended to Meraj from the rock inside Kubbet-us Sahra.

It is also the one of the first known domed structured in Islamic architecture

Al Aqsa Mosque and Kubbet-us Sahra, both in Haram al Sharif are regarded as sacred for Muslims and should acquire the same level of significance.

Anonymous said...

You should really have someone correct your English if you're going to be taken seriously. Nice article otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Uluru doesn't change colour. It's the refraction of light that makes it appear to be different colours. Also, the place is called "Alice Springs", as in plural.

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