Special New Years Gift for your Lover

In the end of 2008 worldmustbecrazy wanna give you a special gift for new year.. but like you know because we live in crazy world so the gift will be crazy also.. like this ring.. hehehe you have to see it yourself and think about that?? are those gift are worth to give to your lover?? this special funny gift are really fantastic gift to your new years event..(hope yourlover won't hit you) hehe if you wanna know what kind of gift is it. so let's see your Special New Years Gift for your Lover only in the worldmustbecrazy.. Happy New Year 2009

See?? after you see that gift are you gonna give it to your lover or fiancee?? heheheh i guess not.. oh yeah we also has another funny post like this... it's on our nature was naughty

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Leader_of_the_amish said...

Yesterday i was sitting on a park bench when two older gentlemen talked to me about being in their circus. and of course me growing up in the jungle of namibia wrestling lions i had to oblige i don't know what happened next but there was a flash of light and i became hitlers mom (again). to many times has this happened to me but yesterday is the last day

James said...

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James said...

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