Various Wedding Party Style

A Marriage should be only once in a lifetime, so many people want to make a great Wedding party so the other's and also the couple still remember the sweet wedding party you can see below are the funniest wedding ever this is a wedding party depend on the couples job and occupation it's so funny..like a wedding of a mafia, wedding of a detective.. you can find more on Various Wedding Party Style

Ok we start with the wedding of a fabric store owner.. look how long are the wedding gown.. hehehe the owner of a fabric store surely have a big amount of a fabric.

And this is the wedding party of an old car store owner.. look because all that he own are an old car. so he use a broken car on his wedding.. hehehehe

A wedding of a long jump athlete. you know a long jump athlete usually take a long jump at the field but this groom do a long jump at his wedding room.. hehehe maybe because a long jump is his hobby??

A wedding of a martial artist.. after a wedding ceremony they test their fighting skill.. hehehe

Wedding of a mechanic.. you know a mechanic usually repair the engine and many parts of the car and looking for the missing or broken parts by enter the space underneath the car.. heheheh

A Gigolo Wedding.. heheheh take a look at the groom.. he's crying because he knows that his job as a gigolo was ended because of his wedding.. but it's strange he got a beautiful wife but why he's crying??

A Wedding of Sexy Model.. a sexy model usually do a sexy pose to the magazine.. and when she get married she still do that activity.. a sexy pose wedding wedding photography

A Wedding of a pornstar. you know a porn star usually give a nasty sign and nasty words on the sex scene. and that'll become her habit

A Wedding of a Gamer's. Look at the wedding cake because she's a game lover so the wedding cake are in the shape of the game console heheheh

A Wedding of a Doll Store owner. look how she act at the photo.. the doll store owner are like any funny thing so they make a funny wedding photography too

A Wedding of a Beer Store owner.. Waw look how many can of beer that they use as the wedding gate??

A Wedding of a Gymnastic Athlete.. heheheh look how's she act?? maybe she's took her habit when she do a gymnastic moval.

A Wedding of hitman.. hehehe everywhere and everytime always ready with a weapon.. hehehhehe

A Wedding of a Toilet Cleaner.. maybe the toilet are like his / her second home.. just imagine on the wedding ceremony they go to the toilet just to clean it out

A Wedding of a Soldier.. heheheh it's done by a military tradition

A Wedding of a Sniper wow.. what are their purpose using a gun on their wedding ceremony??

A Wedding of a Striptease dancer. look at the bride. heheheh maybe she's really love to stripe so she open wide her legs hehehe

A Wedding of a Big Boobs Model heheheh she wanna let the other saw her big boobs

A Wedding of an Animal Lover.. because she's really love an animal so she married with her lovely dogs.. heheheheh

here is the other two occupation.. guess what are their occupation??

What's your answer?? hehehe the answer are the cake owner and a dustmen.. now what?? after the wedding are a honey moon.. Oh yeah please stop violence in marriage
Appreciate your lover

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Robert Mendonca said...

hehehehe, nice wedding, i like it

wedding said...

yeah it's really crazy

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