Weird Animal You've Never Seen Before

How many animal names can you list?? are you remember and recognized all of them?? you know there are so many animal species in out world.. because there's so rich animal biodiversity in this world so you maybe don't recognized it all.. like angler fish.. have you seen them before?? now worldmustbecrazy will take you to a tour to introduce you to Weird Animal You've Never Seen Before.. Let's start our journey

1. Angler Fish

You can called this fish as the most horrifying fish in the world.. look at the teeth and the face. uugh i can't stand it.. it's so weird and awful

2. Komondor Dog

Heheheh look at it's fur... must be hard to take care of..

3. Angora Rabbit

I thought that only a cat's species are from angora.. but this is angora rabbit.. hehehe

4. Proboskis Monkey

Hehehe look at his nose.. i'm sure every indonesian people will know this creature because it's really like ancol's clown..heheheh

5. Axolotl

This animal was included into salamander species who live in the water and like to digg a sand.. look at this animal.. cute and funny..

6. Aye-Aye

Yucks... could you tell me what kind of creature is this?? it faces are like a bat

7. Dumbo Octopus

This octopus size is only 20cm hehehe it's so cute

8. Blobfish

This is a fish who live in australian seashore, look at this fish's nose.. hehehe and eyes.. it's weird an funny

9. Yeti Crab

Have you heard about yeti?? i think you must be hear that, the yeti itself has never been founded before but the crabs are founded earlier heheh

10. Purple Polar Bear

This species of polar bear can change it's color to purple after give birth.. and will turn back to normal after several day.. Weird and strange!!

(Translated from 10 Binatang Aneh)

Still like to know another mysterious and weird animal?? OK here is another series of them, don't miss it guys..

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aziz si anak kost said...


yg saya tau cm aye-aye

thx for your post...

very interesting

Karina said...

The purple polar bear is false. This happened in Argentina after the bear was given medicine for a kidney disease and is not something that happens naturally.

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