Weird Apple Gadget Future Product Concept

Like we know the most successful apple gadget was an ipod.. the ipod itself has many different models and function, but do you ever think about the apple product in the future?? here in crazy world i'll try to share (maybe) some of the future Apple Gadget. there's so many cool new concept of apple product such an imow. itoilet.. hehehe so funny.. Ok let's see the Apple Gadget Future Product Concept

The first unique gadget and also weird are a Ipottie which have a toilet model.. and itoilet.. here you can see it right?? maybe in the future apple will release this kind of toilet to reduce the toilet accident

And then forget about an old music player gadget like the old ipod, now you can use your own body as a music player

Play your favourite Apple Guitar on iguit

and this is the weirdest and silliest igod.. look at the religion symbol there..

The real Apple Fruit for the future of Apple product

Now you could make your work easier by using Ibarro and imow.. forget the old way to mowing your grass

Stay tune with your favourite music and also the stylish gadget on iWatch, and also you can sing your favourite song's too on iSing

Ifone.. a weird looking phone.. just like an old day phone

Weirdest of all an Iman and Ipal.. maybe someday the people knowledge could make things like this and help us to build a better virtual life

And here is another weird apple future product concept...

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If my bathroom will be like this I'd freak out..

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