World's Fastest Train

After talk about weird and cool motocopter on the previous post, now worldmustbecrazy will take you to the world's fastest train, there are several train in the world which are categorized as the world's fastest train, do you wanna know about it?? Here is the list and fact about those trains.. let's take a ride on world's fastest train

· Tokaido Shinkansen – Japan

Japan shocks the world by launch this train on 1964 to serve Tokyo-Nagoya-Kyoto-Osaka route, and the speed of this train is only 201km/h

· JR-Maglev MLX01 – Japan

This train is included into superconducting magnetic levitation train (maglev) that in it's test run the train can reach 581km/h, but this train is not commercially operated. and china going before japan by launch their maglev train's earlier in 2004.

- Shanghai Maglev Train – China

Build by german technology, this train can reach the speed of 430km/h and can take the passanger from pudong international airport to Longyang Road Station in the center of the city for only 8 minutes

· Korean Train Express (KTX) – South Korea

In 2004 south korea is become the second countries in asia beside japan which build the high speed train line that connect several main city. KTX Technology adopt TGV technology (High speed train from france)

- Taiwan High Speed Rail – Taiwan

After delayed for several years, finally Taiwan High Speed Rail launched on 5 january 2008, this train are built based on Japanesse Shinkansen Technology, this train are cutting the travel time from Taipei to Kaoshiung from the previous 4 hours into 90 minutes.

· Train a Grande Vitesse (TGV) – France

Launched in early 80's. TGV served the route from Lyon and Paris, after gather a success, the route was added to another city in france even the other countries. this train are developed by Alstom SA - The second biggest train factory in the world. and break the speed record for 515km/h for conventional wheel train

· InterCity Express (ICE) – Germany

In the early of 90's german launch this train for serve Hannover, Wurzburg, Mannheim, and Stuttgart route, this train are developed by Siemens and can reach speed of 280km/h

- Transrapid – Germany

Germany also made a Maglev train that can reach 550km/h speed but unfortunately on september 2006 the accident happen to those train near to Lathen city and kills 23 people

- Direttissima – Italy

Finally italy launched Direttissima train to serve the route from rome and florensia with the speed of 254km/h

· Eurostar – Great britain

This train start operating in 1994 and serve route from london to france and belgia(across underwater channel strain tunnel) travel time from london to paris consume 2hours and 35 minutes with this train.

That's all about the fastest train, and i hope this post can add your knowledge.. oh yeah please don't forget to read the world's most luxurious caravan

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