Bizarre food again

Hello back again in worldmustbecrazy, remember duck blood jelly?? or blended cockroach juice and also horrifying and disgusting food , now we have another weird bizarre again for you, hope you like it, it have delicious taste.. just kidding.. OK let's see Bizarre food again for you.. please don't view this picture below while you eat your meal..

1. Snake Head

What do you think about this food?? do you like a snake head?? yucks...

2. Rat kid's Donut

If Dunkin donuts serve you this kind of donuts what will you do?? still eat them?? or if someone wanna pay you $1.000 for eat this thing, do you wanna eat this??

3. Snake Porridge

Porridge lover do you wanna taste a new taste of porridge?? try this weird snake porridge..

4. Larva Noodle

Noodle lover can you differ which one is the noodle and which one is the Larva?? must be delicious heheheh

5. Rat Salad

This bizarre salad includes a rat meat... uurgh we think this is the most disturbing food ever.. i hate rats..

6. Worm Cake

Worm cake anyone?? great to serve for your birthday cake heheheh

7. Hot dog made from Fresh Brain

Let me out of this... just looking of this food make me sick.. anyone wanna try this food??

Thanks for reading Bizarre food again, wait for another bizarre food..

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