Dictionary of Greek's Mythology

In previous post we have brought you about the myth of Greek's god and goddesses, and now worldmustbecrazy wanna share you more from greek's mythology, now we're gonna talk about a greek's myth creature such like a centaur a Medusa and several unique creature who live in the Greek's myth.. here it is.. Let's start our journey to the Dictionary of Greek's mythology.

Dictionary of Greek's Mythology

1. Centaur

Centaur are a human who has a horse body, a smartest race, but often described as a cruel person, brutal, carnivore, a drinker who like to eat a human flesh

2. Chimera

A Creature who has a lion head, a goat body and a dragon's tail..

3. Harpy

A Human Headed Birds, a siblings of iris, and like to eat a human's baby

4. Minotaur

A Monster send by the sea god poseidon, this monster gas a bull body, the minotaur word actually derived from the word Minos Bull, each year 7 boys and girls have to sacrifice as the tribute for minotaur, this monster are caged in a labirinth so they can't go out. in the end, minotaur was killed by Theseus who are success to go out from the labirinth with the a special rope from his lover adriane

5. Medusa

A Snake haired lady, one of "THE GORGONS" the daughter of Phorcys, there are Stheno, Medusa, and Euryale, but only Medusa that can be killed, the other two are immortal.

Originally Medusa are a beautiful maiden, but one day she was raped by Poseidon in Athens temple, so Athena punish her, if someone look at her can become a stone.

In the end she was killed by Athena and Hermes, and her head are used for Athena's Shield (Aegis Shield)

6. Pandora Box

A box opened by a lady named pandora, she open that box because of her curiousity, but many god forbid her to open the box before..after the box was opened, the misery were occured in the world.

Pandora is the first woman in this earth, made by Hephaestus, a fire god and also a god of craftsmanship.

7. Cerberus

A triple headed dog.. who is known as the hell guardian dog

8. Hercules

Son of Zeus and Alcmene, whose life are wanted by hera. because of his craziness and his gimmick, he killed all his family, he got 12 task from Apollo to recover his self esteem.

1. Kill Lion of Nemea
2. Kill Hydra
3. Arrest Ceryneian Hind.
4. Kill Boar of Erymanthus
5. Clean Auegas horse stable, which can't be cleaned
6. Kill Birds of Stymphalis.
7. Arrest Bull of Crete
8. Arrest Man-Eating Mares of Diomedes.
9. Meet Ratu Amazon Hippolyta
10. ArrestOxen of Geryon
11. Take the golden apple which is guarded by Ladon Dragon
12. Take Cerberus to Apollo

In the end, Hercules die because he is trapped by a centaur named Nessus

9. Sphinx

There are two version, Sphinx in the Egypt myth and Greek's myth, in the greek's myth. Sphinx are a son from Echidna and Typhoon, a lion monster with a human head and also has an eagles wing. he was sent by Hera to make a curse in Thebes town, Sphinx guard the Thebes entrance gate and ask a question for anyone who want to across the gate.. like this "What is the creature who is walk with 4 legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and 3 legs in the evening" there's no one who can answer that question, and finally they've eaten by Sphinx.. but one day there's a young man who can answer that question and in the end sphinx do the suicide act by jump into the ravine

10. Oedipus

Son from Laius and Jocasta, Oedipus was predicted to kill his own father and marry his own mother.. the terms "Oedipus Complex" are inspired from this story, a mental illness of a son who has a big desire to his own mother

11. Siren

Sea Nymph Race, (Nymph = Fairy) who is actually a daughter from Phorcys, one of the sea god. there's various version of her appearance, a bird body with a woman head, a woman with a fish body(mermaid) until an ordinary beautiful woman. They like to sing in the middle of the sea and caused many sea falls.. because of their clear voice, but a sailor named Odysseus are safe from their song by cover his ear(and also his men) with a wax.. according to the story there's someone from argonauts(a brave adventurers club) named Orpheus can sing better than siren, and after that siren feel ashamed and then jump down to the sea and never go up again.

12. Cyclops

Single eyes giant. appear on the Adventure of Odysseus, Cyclops arrest many argonauts member(Odysseus team) in a cave, and eat them one by one each day, Cyclops always Keep vigil on the cave mouth and sleep there. so that all the argonauts can't escape.

Cyclops also raise a sheep in that cave. in the end, Odysseus success to go out from that cave by disguise as the sheep.. before that he makes Cyclops slept by his melodious song..

13. Amphisbaena

Described as a double headed snake, an ant eater and an amulet which are a pregnancy guardian

14. Basilisk

A snake king, sometimes also known as cockatrice a mixture of a chicken, snake, dragon and toad, and in the Greek's mythology there's two species of Basilisk, the first is burnt everything near with its. and the second are kill it's enemy with its eye

15. Titan

A Greek's Giant God. sometimes associated as a nature strength, there was 12 titans, read our previous post they was Cronus and Raea, Iapetus and Themis, Oceanus and Tethys, Hyperion and Theia, Crius and Mnemosyne, Coeus and Phoebe

16. Griffin

A Legendary Creature with head, wings and foot like an eagle, a body like a lion, and sometimes described they has a snake tail or a scorpion tail. in Greek's Legend, they are Zeus Pet

17. Hippocampus

Sea Monster looks similar to horse, with their back body similar to fish or a dolphin, this creature also known as Poseidon's chariot puller

18. Hippogriff

Half Griffin and Half horse, this creature also known as a love symbol

19. Typhon

Son of Gaia and Tartarus, this is the creepiest monster ever, it has hundred heads that was described if it's head can reach the star, a poison drip from its eyes, and a lava comes out from its mouth. Zeus Attack him with hundreds of thunder bolt on the war with Olympus god.

20. Echidna

She is Typhon's Couple, has a beautiful woman head and a body of a snake

21. Hydra

Son from Typhon and Echidna, a dragon with many head, there's several version, some says that hydra has six head, nine head, and also hundreds heads, if one of its head are cut, so the new head will grow immediately, there's another version of this, it says that if one head cutted so two new heads will grow, he has a poisonous breath, Hercules kill him by burning his head.

22. Nemean Lion

Hydra's sibling, son from typhon and echidna, a lion with bronze head, this creature also beaten by Hercules with bare hand.. and his skin are used as Hercules mantle

OK that's all hope this little myth can add your knowledge.

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