English Misspell in Japan

English is a global language, almost all countries in this world use that as their second language, and as the official language.. but unfortunately the people in several countries (maybe like me because i'm not a native english speaker) misspell English language, like this case, can you understand what is the meaning of the word on the sign board?? this is a funny jokes of English misspell in japan Note: For entertaiment only.. no offense

1. A Toilet gets down from back stone steps, and is in the inner part of a left open space. Do you know what is the meaning of this sentence?? here is the sign

2. Male man?? is there a male woman?? what's that means??

3. Are you fear to eat a cheese?? hehehe maybe they should change the word fear into fair

4. This is the funniest.. do you think that they can construct water??

5. Don't jumping in elevetor, if you do it, it's gonna be stop and you must be locked up.. what's that mean?? locked up?? or jailed??

6. Sunny Town Erection Party?? Erection?? Maybe they have to learn the difference in R and L

7. Breast room?? is this room occur?? what's the real term for this room?? is that milking room??

8. Smoked Visitor??

9. Have anyone heard about Horny Care?? what kind of treatment is that??

10. High Price Everyday?? hehehe the other shop will make a discount ads..

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