Lamborghini Reventon vs Panavia Tornado jet-fighter

crazy stuff again.. a racing between a car and a jet.. yeah this is true.. this is a racing between Lamborghini Reventon and Panavia Tornado jet-fighter.. this racing are held to test the speed and the performance of the new Lamborghini reventon.. which was known that this car can reach from 0 - 100 km/h for only 3 seconds.. wow so fast huh?? OK so after you know the reason why this race are held.. so let's see the racing between Lamborghini Reventon vs Panavia Tornado jet-fighter below.. so don't forget to fasten your seat belt..

This is the cabin of Lamborghini reventon.. nice and very futuristic style.. look at the instrument speed panel.. cool...

The preparation between racing..

Now.. let's start the racing..

Wow the worldmustbecrazy day by day.. the racing between a car and a jet are draw...

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You have done a great job keep it up."

Wedding Lingerie said...

Really amazing to see the race between a Lamborghini and a Panavia Tornado as both have good reputation in their respective areas and i am sure that this draw have gave them both the respect they deserve. Thanks for the post....

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