Love is Blind - a Man Marry 106 years Old Womaa

Love is blind, everyone will say that, there's many crazy things can happen because of love, from an ordinary one until an extraordinary, someone can do anything for his/her lover.. now worldmustbecrazy wanna share you this shocking stories.. a 37 years old man marry a 106 years old woman!! this can be more fact to show us that love is blind - a man marry 106 years old woman

Love is blind, age is just a number, are these statement are true?? nowadays we hear so many case that an older woman marry with a younger man. what are their secret to make the man fall in love?? are they use some kind of black magic to make them fall in love??

Are these marriage are really based of love?? or they have more objection?? OK let's see this case..

Wook Kundur (106 years old) marry with Mohd Nor(37 years old) 69 years difference is not a problem to them..

Firstly Mohd Nor lived in Wook Kundur's House. Mohd Nor marry her in purpose to avoid the slander from village people. (the tradition there forbid a man lived with a woman in the same house without marriage status)

How about their Sexual Life??

It is said that Wook Kundur try her best to serve his husband on the bed.. but she allow her husband to marry a younger woman.

See?? there's many unbelievable things in this world.. like the story above.. do you agree with us if love is blind??

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Donnie said...

Love may or may not be blind, but the world is sure full of freaking idiots.

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