Most Rare Animal in the World

Our nature has a rich biodiversity of fauna species, many of them are still exist in our world, and also many of them are extinct from our world.. and now worldmustbecrazy wanna take you to a tour to visit World's most rare animal. this animal are threatened to extinction... let's preserve their species and keep them from their extinction... This is Most Rare Animal in the World

1. The Pinta Island tortoise

Lived in Pinta island, this tortoise are include into Giant Galapagos Turtoise species, which is the most rare in the world, because now only left 1 in the world, and cannot be multiply anymore..

2. Baiji (Yangtze River Dolphin)

Only left 10 of this animal in the world, and this animal only exist in Yangtze River

3. The Vancouver Island Marmot

Lived in Vancouver island, in British Columbia, now only left about 194 heads of this marmot

4. Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat

Lived in Madagascar, now there was not more than 100 Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat in this world.

5. Javan Rhino

A Javan Rhino, lived in java island indonesia, and in vietnam, this rhino are often hunted in Malaysia, India and also Sumatera island (Indonesia) for his horn.

6. Hispid hare

Also Called as "Bristly Rabbit” that can be found in Himalaya Nepal, Bengal and Assam, now only left 110 hispid hare.. in this world

7. Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

We don't know exactly what kind of animal is this, you can find it in New South Wales and Victoria in Australia, but unfortunately now you only can see this animal on National Park near Epping Forest Station in Queensland.. only left 113 heads of them

8. Tamaraw (Dwarf Water Buffalo)

Found in Philippines, firstly threatened to extinct in 2000, and now only left about 30-200 of them.

9. Iberian Lynx

The Lynx, this is a cat, not a lion, this cat only exist in Iberian, but now you can only find them in Andalusia, now only left 100 of them

10. Red Wolf

This Wolf are a siblings of Gray Wolf, but they have a smaller size, now they live in north carolina north east, only left 200 of them

Source Translated from Here : 10 Binatang Terlangka di Dunia

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should feel sad or angry about this. Shame on us.

Anonymous said...

I pity these animals, they have the right to live in their own environment but instead these humans start to kill them for fashion and clothing D:

MadisonIsabellaa said...

I'm basically an animal lover and here you have shown beautiful animal pictures with brief details which is very impressive.

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