Mr.Magola The Magnet Man

Our World is full with unique people, like this one, we can call him as the magnet man..he can lift the metal object into the air attached to his forehead.. are this people has a super ability??

The human magnetism of Miroslaw Magola Paranormal phenomenon of Bio-physic The terms "human magnetism" or "animal magnetism" came into use around 150 years ago, in the time of such well known figures as Franz Anton Mesmer’ By simple thoughtful concentration it is possible for Mr. Magola to lay the flat of his hand upon an upturned metal pot, keys or even non-metallic objects such as wooden boards or heavy ceramic objects, and lift them up into the air. Through the same concentration he can also lift these objects into the air attached to his forehead. Moreover this phenomenon deals with overcoming the power of gravity, which according to the known and generally accepted laws of physics should not be possible, and yet, as can be clearly seen by people who have witnessed Magola, is absolutely possible. This ability is transferable, so that the same effects can also be seen in others!!! In various lectures and TV shows, Magola brings these "supernatural" abilities to the interested public and explains his ideas of what lies behind them.

The image above is courtesy of this blog you could also read the interview with mr magola the magnet man on that blog..

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