Multi Talented Athlete - Funny Picture

Do you know who is the athlete with multi talented?? the answer was peter crouch.. peter crouch was a English soccer player, why we said that peter crouch was the most talented athlete?? you wanna know the proof?? OK let see this picture below of the multi talented athlete - funny picture

Although this picture below was a photoshop artwork but this is really funny.. you will laugh after you see the picture below

1. The Real Peter Crouch - Soccer Player

2. Strange models of clock - As a Model

3. As a Basketball Player

4. As a smart student

5. As a new human evolution..

6. On the Olympic

7. Cool Surfing

8. As a Swimmer - i think this is the funniest, look on his hand.. even this is a manipulation. but his hand shows that his really swimming

9. What i can say about this one...

So how's that?? do you agree if peter crouch was really got a multiple talent??

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Cody said...

that was stupid.

Babylon said...


Tom said...

This might have been amusing, were it not for your painful molestation of the English language.

James said...

A collection of amazing typewriter art Can you believe that this art was created using a typewriter?
amazing talent.

Cornerstone said...

I think that sucked.

mohd said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MensaTexasHoldem said...

Your language skills suck.

Anonymous said...

that REALLY sucked

chumpman said...

these photos are really funny. this is like a jack-of-all-trades kinda talent LOL

aw, come on guys, nobody is perfect in English language. You may comment but its not necessary to rudely mock him.

Anonymous said...

I liked 4 the most lol. Most creative.

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