Surprise Before Meet a Net Friends

Before meet a net friends, usually many people do a photo exchange to introduce their self, but what will happen next?? sometimes people are too shy to expose their true photo, there's so many reason, maybe because of his/her don't have a self confidence.. but if they sent you a photo, don't trust the photo 100%. because of The computer graphical software also get more advanced. we think guys or gals should seriously consider our advise to have a video chat before meet your net friends. Why? Take a look at these photos and you will understand the surprise before meet a net friends

See?? so don't trust the photo 100%.. hehehehe This is really.... amazing.... are they the same person? If that is also possible, then anything also possible!!! we will really feel pity for the guy that meet her after viewing her processed photo. I doesn't mean that she is not pretty, but the guy would expect a lot before meeting her, and this is really a big surprise to him.

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Anonymous said...


nice tips bro!
we should consider to do a video chat before meeting..

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