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For those who are a culinary lover, a taste is everything.. like me, i really love to do a culinary travel, and now worldmustbecrazy wanna take you to a culinary travel around the world to find out the top 10 world's best restaurant according restaurant magazine.. OK let's see more of the world's best restaurant

Since 2002, San Pellegrino have published the list of the world's best restaurant, and now they sort a list of the best restaurant according to Restaurant Magazine, and here is the top 10 of the best restaurant according to that magazine, and several of them are a regular winner each year

1. El Bulli,Spain

El Bulli are a three star restaurant which was operated by Ferran Adria Chef in Costa Brava in Catalunia, Spain. This small restaurant in Cala Monjoi bay defined as "The World's most Imaginative Generator from Haute Culinary" with the hardwork from all the chef, the restaurant magazine has awarded El Bulli as the World's Best restaurant three times in 2002, 2006 and 2007

2. The Fat Duck,England

The fatduck restaurant are a restaurant whose in 2005 awarded as the world's best restaurant by the restaurant magazine, and this restaurant are a runner up in 2004, 2006 and 2007, unlike all the high class restaurant in the world which can founded in the exclusive town, the fat duck only can find in the simple house in a village in England

3. Pierre Gagnaire,France

Pierre Gagnaire are a famous chef in France and the head chef and also owner of eponymous Pierre Gagnaire restaurant in 6 rue balzac in paris, in his early career in St Etienne where he won the Michelin three star. Gagnaire tore are converted from the classic French.. cook introducing juxtapositions from taste, appetite, text and the media, his influence in cooking are well known in the world, it's also listed as the best restaurant in France, which move on a "modern France culinary" Gagnaire also a sketch head chef in London, on 2005 those two restaurant are listed on the best 20 world's industry from the restaurant magazine. Pierre Gagnaire are the third best restaurant on 2006 and 2007

4. The French Laundry,USA

The French Laundry are a restaurant located on Yountville, California, on Napa Valley. All the chef and the owners are from France named Thomas Keller,who also mixed up with Bouchon from Restaurant in the Napa Valley and Per Se in New York City.. The French Laundry Alumnus including Jonathan Benno per se), Hibah Achatz (Alinea), Ron Siegel (The Room Restaurant in Ritz-Carlton) and many more

5. Tetsuya’s, Australia.

Tetsuya's restaurant are reputed as one of the world's best restaurant, Tetsuya Wakuda are it's chef, his admissibility are accepted all around the world, Tetsuya's garnered receive many global award including 2004,2005 and 2006, This restaurant also get the highest ranking in Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide 2007, Restaurant of The Year, Fine Best Restaurant in Catering and Restaurant Association Award in 2005. In 2007 Tetsuya's Restaurant got the 5th rank for the world's best restaurant

6. Bras,France

Bras Restaurant which is still surrounded by grass and jungle and located several mile from Aubrac.

7. Mugaritz,Spain

Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz doesn’t offer the headline-grabbing fireworks of most fashion-forward and playful modern Spanish cuisine, but is nevertheless setting the agenda for the next generation of chefs. A subtle, intellectual and harmonious cuisine - one that divides opinion - is delivered in a pastoral environment (a former cider bar) in the hills outside San Sebastian in the Basque country.

8. Le Louis XV,Monaco

Vegetarian are the suitable way to local introducing, Culinary like Fraises des Bois, Mascarpone Sorbet, "en cocotte" oven potato or risotto with Artichokes are the perfect example of Riviera Culinary
In a dining room. decorated with 17th Century Versailles style sparkles with gold and mirror mix with a light from the window, A Luxury Aquarium.

9. Per Se,USA

In 2004, Keller back to New York to Open Per Se, the famous designer Adam Tihany make most of decoration where you can find a famous version, an elegant firestove and interior field, urban area with amazingly beautiful scenery

10. Arzak Restaurant,Spain

Arzak are an old traditional stories, Chef ambition and the dinner lover are improving the Avant-Garde reputation, with experimental kitchen
the Arzak are really different, beside the richest from France and Spain which are have a wine collection from Golan Heights and porto, maybe Champagne and Wine soda..

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