World's Biggest Yacht

Remember about World's Most Luxurious Ship?? now we have similar topic, this is about Celebrity Solastice, this ship are considered as the biggest yacht in the World Shipping industry, this yacht has grass and soil on it's roof.. and for your information, this yacht can take more than 3000 passenger, more than Queen Mary which was only can take 2.620 passenger.. so do you wanna cruise with this celebrity solastice?? you can find some picture about this World's Biggest Yacht

Project Name: The Lawn Club on Celebrity Solstice
Year: Current
Owner: Celebrity Cruises
Location: Oceans, The World
Building Type: Commercial
Greenroof Type: Intensive
Greenroof System: Single Source Provider
Roof Size: 22927 sq.ft.
Roof Slope: 1%
Access: Accessible, Open to Public
Submitted by: Tavia Robb, Celebrity Cruises

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Architect: Wilson Butler Architects
Greenroof System: W.P. Hickman
Greenroof Consultants: Jorg Breuning + Peter Philippi, Green Roof Service LLC

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Jorg Breuning said...

Thanks for having our project listed.
The green roof system is based on Optigreen. W.P. Hickman wasn't involved only their division AMT inc. as administrative support for Green Roof Service.

Jörg Breuning

Jorg Breuning said...

You can find real pictures at our blog.

Update about the Equinox LawnClub and greenroof will follow.

Jörg Breuning

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