World's Most Horrifying Toys

Remember about Funny and weird pacifier for your lovely baby?? here we have another weird toys, this is several of the world's most horrifying toys. i think that your lovely baby won't stop crying if you give this toys. since this toys has really horrifying figure and model.. do you know about chucky?? which one is most horrifying?? this doll or chucky doll?? do you have heart to give this toys to your lovely son??

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Anonymous said...

Wow.. really really creepy! Where can I buy one, seriously?

Anonymous said...

Shit, man! I'ma gonna have nightmares tonight!

not a toy for da kiddies.

Alexis Lindsey said...

I am 9 years old and I love them
were can I buy one?

Alex Crayon said...

I want one!! Where can I buy them??

Anonymous said...

the makers must really must be insane to make them.they are excellent for murdering someone .

Anonymous said...

Yeah were do u get em they are sick.

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