Amazing Flying Restaurant

This Amazing Flying restaurant was located in Belgium, this unique restaurant was also listed on the bizarre and unusual restaurant.. do you want to try this restaurant??

Have you ever dreamed to have your lunch or dinner at the sky?? now it's not only a dreams.. it become reality, Would you eat dinner in an open air restaurant, with 21 of your closest friends, suspended from a crane at 160 feet above the ground?

And I don’t mean in heaven, just 50 meters above the ground.

If you really want to astonish your friends or business partners and want to throw a dinner that they’ll never forget, you might think about a Dinner in the Sky. You can invite up to 22 people to this astonishing dinner in the sky for a period of 8 hours. Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 meters by a team of professionals. Dinner in the Sky is available for a session of 8 hours. Dinner in the Sky accommodates 22 people around the table at every session with three staff in the middle (chef, waiter, entertainer…).

Wanna see more picture??

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Rebecca said...

What if you have to use the restroom? Don't drink too much wine!

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