Another Luxurious Hotels in Dubai - Atlantis Hotel

After you look the one and only 7 star hotels in dubai, now we would like to introduce you another luxurious hotel in dubai, this is atlantis hotel.. see this luxurious hotel and enjoy your luxurious dream

do you want to enjoy the atmosphere under the sea with luxury, see dolphins from the South Pacific Ocean, and swim around in your bed? That is not a dream anymore. The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai to operate a new offer this week's sensation.

Charge is simply fantastic in the middle of the global financial crisis at this time, the GBP 13 thousand (approximately Rp 225 million) for the night, or Rp 9.3 million per hour. If calculated per minute, cost Rp 156 thousand, almost half the value of direct cash assistance (BLT) in Indonesia.

Market segments clearly not always the rich, but the ultra rich people. As cited from Daily Mail, with the rate Rp 225 million per night, hotel guests get three bedrooms, three bathrooms with luxurious showers like waterfalls, complete with a set of tables, chairs eat 18 carat gold-plated. Suitable for a family.

The owner of the hotel can get very optimistic high level in 1539 between the rooms offered. Although, at this time the condition of the global economic uncertainty and undermine the rich economies. They focus on the rich tourists from Europe, Russia, Asia, and Middle East.

"People will still take a family vacation package," said Alan Leibman, president and managing director Kerzner International, the hotel operator in cooperation with Dubai developer Nakheel for the management of the resort. "Dubai still has value when the transaction is done by Pounds Sterling or euros," he added.

Hotel cost is Rp 13.8 trillion is built on artificial islands in Dubai beach. As if to complete various development projects of luxury, such as indoor sky slope, the largest indoor snow skiing in the world. Also, the highest tower in the world, Burj, Dubai, which until now is still built, and projects between the three smallest, the Dubai government-made island called Palm Jumeirah.

"You do not want to build projects worth USD 1.5 billion in municipal waste," explained.

For the Ultra Rich, money that "removed" may be commensurate with the luxury of worldly obtained. They can enjoy the relaxation of the sea that are in the hotel. Moreover, collection of aquarium fish in the giant more than 65 thousand head. In addition, there is a dolphin aquarium. More than two dozen dolphins bottle nose live there.

Development of the hotel does not run mulus. Various elements of the environment As scrutinize various features in the hotel. They said, hotel development is damaging coral reefs and sea water, such as the addition of water and electricity consumption

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dubai hotels said...

Wow that's really beautiful. If I stay in hotel like this, I would not come outside the hotel. Because it looks too happening. The pictures are too good.

hotels in Cornwall said...

It's terrifyingly awesome. This type of hotels surely offers great luxurious experiences and feeling towards their guests and it's undeniably perfect. The photos seemed pretty inviting and seizing, I'm quite sure that you'll probably experience the satisfaction you just wish to experience.

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