Creative Way to be a Beggar

There's so many ways to earn money, whether by working, do a business, wait for a donation and be a beggar, we have several picture unique and unusual beggar here, look how they beg for money.. they're really creative.. one of them use a costume and act like a darth vader from Star Wars and ask you some money to donate..

and if you want to be a creative beggar so you have to look this Creative Way to be a Beggar

Darth Vader as a Beggar

A Lost Time Traveller

Homeless Jedi!!

He will Code HTML for Food... so if someone here having a trouble with HTML just call this man and pay him to code your HTML

Drunkard way to be a beggar

Will you give her some cash?? how if you find a beggar like her???

She also Accept Credit Card

The other Creative way to be a beggar

Have you heard that a beggar approve a credit card?? you can see this picture

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