The End of Superheroes

After serve several post about superheroes, like Superhero daily jobs and superhero holidays, now we have another funny jokes about superheroes, that was The End of Superheroes.

Have you ever wondered how if our favorite superhero get old?? and laying on the hospital just to wait for their last time?? What if Superman cannot stand on his feet anymore?? just check this out and you'll understand the end of superheroes

Wonder Woman and Captain America

Wonder Woman died because of HIV/AIDS

Superman, Hulk

Plastic Man

Even if they was a superhero but they're just an ordinary people.. so just let them get old and rest in peace..

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Anonymous said...

That is not Plastic Man, that is Mr Fantastic of the Fantastic 4. You can tell by the 4 on the front of the costume.

Aleksander said...

Quite sad :|

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