Holy Robot - Bible Robot Writer

This robot was called as the holy robot, since his task was to write a bible.. this is really awesome invention, before see this thing, i thought there's imposibble for a robot to do such thing, but it seems that i'm wrong, this holy robot show what he can do, yeah write a bible... let's continue to our Holy Robot - Bible Robot Writer

2 October - 2008 - 11 January 2009 presented at the 3d International Biennial of Contemporary Art in the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contempor├íneo (CAAC) in Seville (SPAIN). The installation 'bios [bible]' consists of a modern robot, which writes down the bible on rolls of paper. The machine draws the calligraphic lines with high accuracy. Like a priest in the scriptorium it creates the text step by step. Starting with the Old Testament and the books of Moses ‘bios [bible]’ produces within seven month continuously the whole book. bios [bible]’ is focusing on the questions of faith and technical advancement.

robotlabrobotlab works with built-up robots in public spaces. It explores the relationship between man and machine by means of installations and experformances. Robots will play a important role in future societies and invade more and more human field. The most prevailing robots today are the built-up robots. With continual development their motorized and electronical capabilities will grow up. Today social archetype between man and machines do not exist. Instead there are only imaginary images from science fiction literature and films. robotlab creates trial situations in exhibition spaces, in which the public has the opportunity to cooperate with robots. The free artist group is associated to the Institute of Visual Media at the ZKM - Center of Art and Media Karlsruhe, Deutschland. PHOTOS by robotlab from the exhibition 'The Algorithmic Revolution' ZKM Media Museum, Karlsruhe and 'Man-[in-the]-Machine' ZKM special exhibition space, Karlsruhe

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