Is this the Real Mermaid??

Remember about a scary fish with human lips and teeth?? if you see that fish has a teeth like a human, and what about this?? What do you think if you see this weird and bizarre picture?? actually i don't know whether this creature is real or not.. but if you see clearly on it's body it's really has a similarity with fish, but with a scary face and this creature has a hand!! is this the real mermaid?? what do you think about this scary fish??

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Anonymous said...

wow i have no idea. they say we havent found but about 10% of all animals yet. so how knows

Anonymous said...

Nope. Another hoax, a prop really. They talked about this on Coast to Coast AM when it first appeared on the news when someone put it on eBay. They even interviewed the guy who made it.

Anonymous said...

i think this is a type of rare fish tho i forget the name o.o;;

Anonymous said...

really fake

Anonymous said...

dont know

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