Shocking News - A Man Pregnant 6 Month

After you read about a marriage record holder and also a blind love, now we back with another shocking news, this news was come from central java, Indonesia

What do you feel if you hear that a man was pregnant?? that's not a dream.. this man was really pregnant..

Triyono feel there is something that sway in the stomach. The Bachelor aged 40 years thoroughly surprised when the doctor and the midwife says that he's 6 months pregnant.

This incident started when, Triyono feel 'gaffe' in the stomach was 1.5 months on the back.

Warga RT 11 RW 01, Bajangan Hamlet, Village Sambirejo, Bringin District, Semarang, Central Java, and then examined to self Bringin health.

"This is why as a baby," said the fake greeting Triyono dr Bringin Lalang's health.

Triyono ago referred to the hospital Ambarawa. However, when do a Rontgen, they did not found any object in triyono stomach.

Not satisfied on the doctors answers, Triyono check next to the traditional baby, Sumiyem.

"This baby, age 6 months more," said Sumiyem.

Triyono is not thought to himself as pregnant women. "My men I could have babies. I feel there is a move. They say this prat. This leg," said Triyono the shorts and put on this shirt.

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