Unusual Keyboard for your Computer

Are you a computer lover and love to design your lovely computer?? starting from give a new look to your computer casing, or add a new mouse, or even with this new breakthrough. yeah use an unusual keyboard for your computer, we have several weird and unique keyboards for you, maybe you can use this as an option when you want to look for a new keyboard. Ok let's see Unusual keyboard for your computer..

Blind Keyboard..

This keyboard doesn't contain any character or even a numeric character on its body.. so if you're not familiar with qwerty pad on computer so i suggest you not to use this keyboard

Complicated Keyboard

So do you want to experience a new way to type?? can you use this weird keyboard properly??

One handed keyboard

Or you can use this kind of keyboard, this keyboard was specially designed for a single handed people..

DIYK (Do it Yourself Keyboard)

Why don't you try to make your own keyboard?? you can place every character as you want.. hehehehe

Rounded Keyboard

This is another unusual keyboard.. but it seems there's some missing character on it's pad..

so which one do you choose??

we hope that this unusual keyboard for your computer can be your option to change your ordinary keyboard.. thanks

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