World's Biggest Statue

Do you remember about World's Naughtiest statue?? now we still get the same stuff here, it was about world's biggest statue. there are about 14 biggest statue in our world today, and most of them was in Asia and if you look clearly almost all of them was a buddha statue, i wonder why they build so many huge buddha statue??

Do you want to know the list of the amazing World's Biggest Statue

14. Mother Motherland Statue

Height:62 m (203 ft)
Name: Mother Motherland
Location:Kiev Ukraine
Description:Stands on a 40 m pedestal. 102 m (335 ft) total monument height

13. Leshan Giant Buddha Statue

Height:71 m (233 ft)
Name: Leshan Giant Buddha
Location:Leshan China
Description:Construction started in 713.

12. Great Standing Maitreya Budha Statue

Height:72 m (236 ft)
Name: Great Standing Maitreya Buddha
Location:Emei Township, Hsinchu County China

11. Awaji Kannon Statue

Height:80 m (262 ft)
Name: Awaji Kannon
Location:Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture Japan
Description:Stands on a 20 m pedestal/building. 100 m (328 ft) total height

10. Mother Motherland Calls

Height:85 m (279 ft)
Name: Rodina-Mat’ Zovyot! (Mother Motherland Calls)
Location:Mamayev Kurgan; Volgograd Russia

9. Guan Yin Statue

Height:88 m (289 ft)
Name: Dai Kannon of Kita no Miyako park
Location:Ashibetsu, Hokkaido Japan

8. Grand Buddha at Ling Shan

Description: Finish 1989
Height:88 m (289 ft)
Name: Grand Buddha at Ling Shan
Location:Wuxi, Jiangsu Province China
Description:Finish 1996

7. Peter The Great Statue

Height:96 m (315 ft)
Name: Peter the Great Statue
Location:Moscow Russia
Description: Finish 1997

6. Sendai Dakaimon Statue

Height:100 m (328 ft)
Name: Sendai Daikannon
Location:Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

5. Emperors Yan and Huang Statue

Height:106 m (348 ft)
Name: Emperors Yan and Huang
Location:Zhengzhou, Henan China
Description:Finish 2007

4. Nanshan Guanyin

Height:108 m (354 ft)
Name: Nanshan Haishang Guanyin
Location:Sanya, Hainan China
Description:Finish 2005

3. Ushiku Daibutsu Statue

Height:110 m (328 ft
Name: Ushiku Daibutsu
Location:Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture Japan
Description:Includes the 10 m (33 ft) lotus throne. Placed on a 10 m (33 ft) pedestal/building. 120 m (394 ft) total monument height finish-1995

2. Laykyun Setkyar

Height:116 m (380ft)
Name: Laykyun Setkyar
Location:Monywa, Sagaing Division Myanmar

1. Spring Temple Buddha -Foshan Golden Buddha

Height:128 m (420 ft) The Biggest Statues in The World
Name: Spring Temple Buddha -Foshan Golden Buddha
Location:Lushan, Henan China
Description:It includes a 20 m (66 ft) lotus throne. Placed on a 25 m (82 ft) pedestal/building. 153 m (502 ft) total monument height.

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Anonymous said...

i love lord buddha..............om namo amitabha....om hari om namo narayyana nair...

Anonymous said...

haranboy@ymail.com please email me the world statue....om namo amitabha....om hari om namo narayyana nair...

drs2biz said...

Great images and interesting comparisons. I just visited the Guanyin Buddha at Nanshan on the recent Labour Day holiday and was very impressed by it!

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