Bizzare Death While Having Sex

It is not uncommon for people to keel over and die of a heart attack or a stroke during sex. In very much the same way that some drop dead while jogging or playing tennis, a lot of people have been reported to have bitten the big one in the middle of doing the best exercise of them all.

There have been, however, actual cases of sex and death that are decidedly more bizarre and gruesome than your usual cardiac arrest. And probably more painful too. But then again, the fact that they died in the throes of ecstasy already guarantees that they've already gone to heaven, whether their souls are actually headed there or not.

1. For Jose Agustin Noh, working at a funeral home had its benefits, namely, access to facilities that normal people wouldn't dare imagine to have sex in, like hearses, for instance. But unfortunately for him and his girlfriend, Ana Maria Camara Suarez, their tryst inside a hearse ended in tragedy when carbon monoxide snuffed out their lives while they were sleeping their sex session off. As it turned out, the couple from Campeche, Mexico left the motor running in order to have air conditioning.

2. Kirsten Taylor, a 29-year-old woman from Pennsylvania, died when her husband Toby clipped an electrical cord to her and plugged it into a power strip which he then turned on and off during a night of bizarre sex, which apparently was a usual thing for the couple. No word on whether or not Mr. Taylor was plugged into his wife as he shocked her to death.

3. A couple in Namibia were killed when an all-terrain vehicle and a truck ran them over as they were lying on the road. The driver of the truck claims the two were having sex right there in the middle of the road, "a typical example of people indulging in alcohol", he says. See, sex and alcohol really don't mix.

4. Here's a real-life case of a man screwing a woman to death-literally. Robert Ashitey, a 30-year-old man from Aflao, Ghana, is one really horny dude. He didn't realize his partner, a 75-year-old woman named Suametor Denou, had already died in the middle of their grueling sex bout, and continued pounding her hard. A woman who apparently takes care of the poor old lady had walked in on the scene and screamed at Ashitey to stop, but he continued going at it anyway. She had to whack him on the forehead with a stick to make him stop.

5. We've heard of thrill-seeking couples having sex in the most dangerous of places, but no one were as daring as Mduduzi Michael Bandezi and Sibongile Radebe, a couple who decided to go at it on a supposedly unused railway in South Africa and were promptly crushed by a freight train. The train driver repeatedly hooted but to no avail, as the two "continued with their business".

It is interesting to note that Mr. Bandezi's half-naked body was found with a condom still on. Good to know he practiced safe sex.

6. Brent Tyler and Chelsea Tumbleston, both 21, fell 50 feet to their deaths from the rooftop of a building in Columbia, South Carolina. A cabbie found their naked bodies on the street, and subsequent police investigation revealed clothing was discovered on the roof, strongly suggesting the two were engaged in some mile-high, in this case 50-foot-high, club activity.

7. A man was killed after getting sodomized by a horse at a ranch in Enumclaw, Washington in July 2005. The man, whose colon and other lower organs were ruptured as a result of the fatal sex act, was actually a client of a bestiality ring that catered to men who wanted sex with animals.


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