Fat Celebrity - If Celeb Overweight

Every Celebrity has a perfect body shape, Usually a celebrity has a perfect appearance from their body until his/her accessories

now worldmustbecrazy brought you a funny image based on a photoshop job where you can see a malnutrition celebrity, even though this is only a photoshop job, but these picture below are really so funny.. just imagine if your favorite celebrity has an appearance like these, a big fat with ugly face.. if you read our previous post about malnutrition celebrity you will find a little difference here, the past malnutrition celebrity talk and share you about a skinny celebrity and now we give you the Fat Celebrity - If Celeb Overweight

How if your favorite celebrity has a shape like this?? do you still be a fans of her??

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Carla Cunningham said...

I can relate to this article. It is so hard to lose weight, and so many people struggle with their weight problems all the time. It reminds me of my book that has recently been published. The main character of my book is overweight, and also has many issues and struggles with her weight. But in the end she overcomes them, and finally manages to lose the weight that she subconsciously put on to protect herself from being hurt by love, which I think, is something a lot of people out there tend to do without even realizing it. Being overweight is not just about the physical, it's also about what is going on with a person’s psychological issues. The main character also comes to realize the importance of healthy eating and fitness. I am a regular user of Facebook if anyone would like to talk to me about my book.

Carla Cunningham, Published Author of Alone in the Storm.
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papa piolo said...
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