World's Most Expensive Pet

We're back in the world's most expensive series, after we post about world's most expensive things, now we got another expensive stuff, that was a pet. yeah are you a pet lover?? check this out the world's most expensive pet ever..

The reasons for owning exotic pets are as varied as the species of the pets themselves. One may buy a pet for the aesthetic qualities of its coat, the impression that owning such a rare and/or expensive animal makes on others or even for the unique offspring that may result from its union with another rare breed. Animal lovers may procure rare snakes, birds or even primates in pursuit of their interests. The most expensive pet in the world, however, is a cat.

13. Bengal Cat
Price : USD 800 - USD 3000

12. Snow Macaque
Price : USD 3500

11. Squirrel Monkey
Price : USD 4000

10. Chinese Crested Hairless Puppies
Price : USD 4000 - USD 5000

9. Savannah Cat
Price : USD 4000 - USD 10.000

8. Mona Guenon
Price : USD 6000

6. Striped Ball Python
Price : USD 10.000

5. Hyacinth Macaw
Price : USD 6500 - USD 12.000

4. Albino Type Tiger Python
Price : USD 15.000

3. Lavender Albino Python
Price : USD 20.000

2. Chimpanzee
Price : Usd 60.000 - USD 65.000

1. White Lion Cubs
Price : USD 138.000

Instead, the world’s most expensive pet is often selectively bred with other white lions in captivity. While this is by no means a sure way to produce another white lion, it has resulted in some 300 of the rare animals being accounted for as of 2004.

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Anonymous said...

That's from a different blog. Stole it. ;(

And, the Savannah cat is actually an African Serval. Savannah's have lighter patterns, and look more like domestic cats. Servals are also exotic pets that can be owned for up to 2,500USD and Savannah cats are normally around 7,000USD. The result of the higher price-tag for the hybrid animal is the fact that the Savannah cats were not meant to be created. It is possible, but it wasn't meant to be so. A lot of hte cats involved in the process die.

I own three Servals, Pharaoh, Annalise and Raja.

I have nothing wrong with Savannahs, I would just like to inform you that you got the wrong picture here.

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