Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter Funny Jokes

Street Fighter might be one of the most favorite video games series ever, i remember the first time i play those game on arcade and then watch the comic of Street Fighter, and then several animation movies of street fighter and also the real Street Fighter Movie played by Van Damme several years ago..

Everyone must know about Ken and Ryu character in Street Fighter Series, they always together and has many similar abilities because they train with the same master.. now we want to introduce you to this jokes of Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter.

For those Street Fighter Lover you must know the skill of Ryu, like "Hadoken" or "Shoryuken"

This is a joke of the misspelled ryu's skill

"Hadoken" = "Are You Ken"
"Shoryuken" = "Sure You're Ken!!"

Enjoy these Jokes

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