World's Most Expensive CellPhone

For Some people maybe iPhone or Blackberry was included into luxurious phone and expensive things, but for the other that was not too expensive, but do you know what is the most expensive cellphone in this world?? have you heard about Peter Aloisson iPhone before?? that was the world's most expensive cellphone ever.. that thing was sold for $2,45 Million!!

OK in this opportunity worldmustbecrazy will give you the list and a preview of the world's most expensive cellphone ever.. if you want to buy this so just check this out

13. iphone diamond-encrusted version

Price tag : $39.600
Include about 1000 Diamonds

12. vertu monogram constellation

Price Tag : $7000
The body of this cellphone was covered by a stainless steel and in the back side of the body was made by hand, it requires 4 hours to make that leather..

11. mabiado stealth

Price Tag : $2875

Inspired by the airforce , made from aluminium, Scratch Proof Screen made from Sapphire

10. toshiba cosmic shiner

Price Tag : $4000

There's a Diamond on it's Cover

9. nokia 8800 arte

Price Tag : $134000

Included more than 21 carat Pink and White Diamond

8. christian dior phone

Price Tag : Basic Version was sold at $5000
Deluxe Version was sold at $27000

Include 640 Diamond in Deluxe Version, and the case was made from crocodile leather.

7. porsche p9521

Price Tag : $1900

Use a fingerprint sensor for the security, The ankle was made from Aluminium, and it also has a Black Glass Frame

6. asus lamborghini zx1

Price Tag : $1500

Touch Screen and it has a Built in GPS

5. tag heuer meridiist

Price Tag : $5400-$6200

Made from 430 Component and corossion-ressistant steel, the back side was made from crocodile leather.

4. gresso steel

Price Tag : $5500

Made from Aircraft Steel
Glass made from Sapphire
Case was made from African Blackwood

3. nokia vertu cobra

Price Tag : $310000

2. goldvish

Price Tag : $1.3 Million

and here is the world's most expensive cellphone ever..

1. Peter Aloisson iPhone

Price Tag : $2.45 Million!!!

There's a Diamond on it's edge
The Diamond at the center was 6.6 Carat
Included also White Diamond, Yellow Diamond and also Rose Gold..

So will you buy that??

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