Bizarre and Unique Japanese Fashion Style

The Japanese might be the most fashionable country, not only good at making a new gadget and weird product, and also do a weird tradition, but the Japanese people also great in making a new breakthrough in fashion world, like in this crazy fashion, maybe this is the most popular fashion in japan, just look at this woman fashion style, some of this woman wear a transparent jeans, but don't think like that, those all just a paint job,

One of the most popular Japanese fashion style was harajuku style Harajuku style is a Japanese fashion adopted by the teenagers and young adults in the area and its side streets which have many boutiques, trendy stores and used clothes shops.

Japanese Harajuku Girls and Harajuku Style has been used to describe teens dressed in many fashion styles ranging from Gothic Lolita (also gothic loli) Visual Kei, Ganguro, Gyaru, Kogal, to "cute" Kawaii style clothing.

OK let's see this Bizarre and Unique Japanese Fashion Style in Crazy fashion style

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shapic said...

those are really weird.
i will walk naked rather than wearing those cloth! =D

The Padrino said...

Man these are awesome you should submit this post to http://www.awsmer.com/submit.php

Anonymous said...

Lol, some photos are photoshoped, actually )

Anonymous said...

i live in japan and i have never once seen a japanese girl wear something like that.

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