Mysterious Creature Discovery by Dr.Takeshi Yamada

This might be the mysterious animal in nowadays, all of them was discovered by a Japanese researcher named Dr. Takeshi yamada. all of this species was never seen before..

Dr takeshi yamada was a researcher from japan, he discovered 10 mysterious creature that shocked the science world, one of them was a vampire monkey in china, like we know about vampire, this vampire monkey life was depends on the blood, vampire monkey suck the blood from another animal

Vampire Monkey on his daily lives mostly use his hands like the human does. this species was thought as one of the lost chain of human evolution until now. another uniqueness of this vampire monkey was this monkey make the nest like a bird...

another discovery of Dr.Takeshi Yamada that shocks the world was Chupacabras Snail, it is a huge snail which is found from the deepest sea. this creature has a foot like Chupacabra so that the suitable name given to it was Chupacabras Snail.

Another discovery was the biggest carnivore snail which was founded in 2007, this snail has a deadly poison weapon.

Another weird and mysterious creature that found by dr.takeshi yamada was Blue Merman. It was found on Sado Island, this creature looks like lizard species. this creature was so dangerous.. if the age was gotten older this animal will looks like a frog.

Two Headed Baby now was kept in the Coney Island Hospital Museum.

Giant Sea Dragon, it was found in the Awaji island deepest sea, Giant sea dragon met their extinction on the first of 20 century.

Prehistoric Horseshoe Crabs

Two new species of horseshoe crabs identical to those lived 400 million years ago recently captured by the deep see scientific submarine Voyager of University of Higashi Osaka in Japan. Today's remaining four species of horseshoe crabs are identical to those lived 250 million years ago.

Human-Faced Ant

The Indian mythology tells that bad rulers are believed to be reincarnated into ants. Many human-faced ants are found in India more than any countries. This specimen was collected by Dr. Takeshi Yamada during his expedition in 2004. Collection: Coney Island Anthropological Institute

St. Helena Giant Earwig

This animal is believed to be extinct at St. Helena only a few decades ago. The development of the international airport in the habitat of this arthropod produced massive protests by the science community and many entomologists rushed into there in the last few years. An expedition led by Dr. Takeshi Yamada in 2005 produced discovery of several new species of giant earwigs, that led to the laboratory breeding programs at the Coney Island University.

Fiji Mermaid

This mummified 6-feet mermaid carcass was from Shikoku, Japan. They consider mermaid as the main-stream religious deity, which is called Ningyo Shinko or mermaid religion. Many Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples enshrine mummified mermaids there for people to worship even today.

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Anonymous said...

ultra lol at this bullshit

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Anonymous said...

Vampire Monkey = Lutung

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William said...

The taxidermy work of Dr. Takeshi Yamada is truely fantastic.

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dissertation format said...

I think the mermaid and the chupacabra is not real. I searched about it in the net and 70% said that its not real.

Music Theraphy said...

Are these pictures real?

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This is hilarious and somewhat mysterious.

Anonymous said...

The guy is an artist/taxidermist that makes paintings of mythological creatures and fake animal taxidermy.

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